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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Series Introduction

In our newly launched Digital Transformer 2023 section, we are profiling the experts shaping the GCC banking industry this year.

We have long been interested in the people and personalities behind the brands that are shaping the growth and development of the banking industry. Who are these individuals? What’s driving them? What are their priorities this year? To answer these questions, we’ve created this series to publish profiles of some of the executives leading transformation throughout the GCC banking industry.

To help us in this process we have appointed our Senior Researcher, Sebastien Parker to supervise. We’ve also asked an industry insider – former Chief Transformation Officer, Ewan MacLeod – to act as the process advisor to help us compile the definitive list of profiles.

The Transformer List

Here is the basic list of digital transformers, by country:

In due course, we aim to publish individual profiles of each of the executives and then we’ll announce our top Digital Transformers for 2023 in due course.

It’s Not About Hard Disks

We have excluded Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Officer profiles unless we have explicit confirmation that their primary focus is driving digital transformation. Expect the above lists to be modified accordingly as we get better data and we receive more feedback.

Our Approach

Our approach for identifying this first list of profiles has been to examine the “Executive Management” pages of each bank’s main website and locate the executive responsible for either digital or transformation, or similar. We also cross reference that with internal data sources of market information which also include executive biographies.

We use a wide variety of internal and external datasets and approaches to support our methodology, but we’re aware it’s never entirely perfect, so if your executive or colleague is not featured in our long list (or if you’re the executive in question), please email our research team and we’ll update it.

Please contact us if you’d like more information or if you’d like to contribute.

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