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Our Awards Manifesto

At Global Banking Monitor, we believe digital banking services can be a lot better throughout the world.

Too many senior executives in the financial industry are really, really good at credit risk management, but not necessarily so obsessed or focused on the topic of customer experience and digital banking. 

Now, the world needs and relies upon bankers who are expert credit risk managers. Absolutely. But we also need bankers – or, at the least, senior executives in banking, who prioritise customer experience. Making the necessary investments is a difficult task.

One way to encourage senior management attention on the topic of customer experience is through the medium of awards, especially if they are relevant, targeted and deserving. They are also noticed and valued by shareholders and other stakeholders too.

We’ve been in the room when the win of an award can help unlock a few million dollars/euros/pounds/dirhams in budget as a result. It can be that powerful. 

This is the underpinning reason for why we put so much effort into our Global Banking Monitor Awards. 

Here, then, is the manifesto guiding us:

  • We believe awards are an excellent medium of encouraging senior management attention (globally) on the topic of digital banking and customer experience. 
  • We believe we have a responsibility to issue awards only when we find them to be deserving – which is why we put in so much effort to the process.
  • We believe that awards are a differentiating factor for banks and financial institutions wanting to evidence publicly that they are making demonstrable achievements in the industry.
  • We believe that individuals in the banks and financial institutions benefit from an award professionally, both in the context of their current role and for their future prospects. Being able to say “I won an award for that,” in an interview is an incredibly valuable statement. We consider this a good thing to support and enable.
  • We believe there are many silent heroes in the industry who aren’t regularly recognised for their skill, passion and determination – even by their own companies. This is one reason why we often will deliberately give an award for a particular feature or product launch that might, on the face of it, look rather niche. Yes it might be niche, but someone, somewhere, will often have worked 18 hour days to get it live! Doing new things in a regulated environment is difficult, so we like to recognise great achievements that will move the needle on customer experience. 

Thank you for reading.