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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tag: demands

U.S. Virgin Islands Demands $190 Million from JPMorgan in Epstein Lawsuit

The US Virgin Islands is seeking $190 million in penalties and disgorgement from JPMorgan Chase and requesting that it implement safeguards against human trafficking...

Why Banks Must Enhance ‘Deposit Beta’ to Meet Market Demands

As the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates at the fastest pace in decades, savers have been expecting to see those increases appear...

Bank of England Faces Increasing Demands to Expedite Review of Forecast ‘Bungles’

The Bank of England has been urged to speed up a review into its forecasting “bungles” after public confidence in the institution fell to...

China’s Deflationary Threat Spurs Demands for Interest Rate Cuts

China’s inflation remained close to zero in May as the economy’s recovery weakened, giving the central bank scope to ease monetary policy to spur...

French Tax Agency demands €2.5 billion from banks over tax evasion allegations

France’s tax authority is seeking €2.5 billion ($2.7 billion) in back taxes from French banks over their roles in a dividend arbitrage strategy known...

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