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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Tag: development

Asian Development Bank Commits $100 Billion Investment for Maximum Climate Impact

Setting the scene for a low-carbon and climate-resilient Asia and the Pacific, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) plans to invest $100 billion of its...

Chinese Officials Emphasize Macroeconomic Policy Support for High-Quality Development

We begin with measures to bolster China’s real economy where policymakers today stressed the importance of macroeconomic policy support to boost the economy and...

African Development Bank Makes Inroads in Debt-for-Nature Swaps Market

The African Development Bank Group is in discussions to back a new debt-for-nature swap, marking its entry into a fast-growing corner of the sustainable...

World Bank approves $1 billion loan for Kenya’s development projects

The World Bank said on Tuesday it approved a $1 billion loan to Kenya to support its budget as East Africa's economic powerhouse confronts...

JPMorgan Enters the AI Space with Development of ChatGPT-like Platform for Investment Guidance

JPMorgan Chase is developing a ChatGPT-like software service that leans on a disruptive form of artificial intelligence to select investments for customers, CNBC has...

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