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National Bank of Kuwait: Best App Update, 2023

29th March 2023, Dubai: We’ve been closely following the mobile banking launches in Kuwait recently and this week we wanted to call attention to the excellent new update from the team at National Bank of Kuwait (“NBK”).

You can often tell quite a bit from the mobile app release notes and we were excited when we saw “6.0.10” (i.e. Version 6) hit the Apple App Store on 15th February 2023.

We’ve spent the last month taking soundings from customers and checking out the performance metrics of the app using a mix of both internal monitoring and publicly available tools. We’re pleased to recognise the great update that NBK has brought to market with the “Best App Update” award for 2023.

Screenshot from the NBK App Store page

We like the clear user interface and the ability to swipe left to view different ‘cards’ of account information. We’re also really pleased to see 100+ new features make it into version 6 of the app. Some of the highlights for our analyst team:

  • Copy your IBAN number or account number in one tap – our analysts feel this is one of the most overlooked user interface additions in many banking apps
  • Outstanding balance in card details page
  • Total Assets feature – we like the summary feature to give customers a clear picture of their current status
  • Repeat transaction (“re-do function”) to repeat recent transactions

We would like to encourage the NBK digital team to continue to bring more updates to their customers on a regular basis.

We extend our congratulations to Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, General Manager and Head of Consumer Banking Group at NBK along with the NBK digital teams. Great work!

Assigned by Sebastien Parker
Senior Research Analyst
Global Banking Monitor
29th March 2023

Notes: Read about our Award methodology here.

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