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Recognizing the Technological Success of Sohar International Bank’s Merger with HSBC Oman

It gives us immense delight to announce that Sohar International has earned our Technology Excellence Award for its successful merger with HSBC Oman completed earlier this month. 

The commitment, efficiency, and teamwork exhibited by every member involved in this merger is worthy of immense admiration and we are pleased to acknowledge this accomplishment.

On this extraordinary achievement, we would like to convey our congratulations the team at the Bank, including: 

  • Technology and Operations team: For making the transition easy and efficient by ensuring the smooth melding of technical systems.
  • Legal team: For proactively addressing the legal complexities necessitated by this merger, ensuring all regulations were honoured.
  • Customer Service team: For their remarkable work in ensuring that customer service levels were not only maintained but also enhanced, especially when providing thousands of new cards to incoming customers from HSBC.

We highlight a few significant milestones from our external perspective that were achieved during this merger process: 

  1. The merger process was completed under an efficient timeframe, a mark of the extensive planning and execution skills of the team.
  2. The technology integration for the merger was managed without unplanned downtime or disruption to customer services.
  3. The team successfully navigated the intricacies of blending different business cultures and strategies, resulting in a stronger, more unified organization.

Once again, we extend our warmest congratulations to the Sohar International team on this uncommon stride of success. They have indeed set a benchmark for others in the industry. We look forward to more of such exceptional performances.

Assigned by Sebastien Parker
Senior Research Analyst
Global Banking Monitor
12th September 2023

Notes: Read about our Award methodology here.

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